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Welcome to our store! We hope you enjoy the products we have made available to expand your growth and transformation. Namaste ~

Discover The Password To
Unlock The Best Version Of You


To become the best version of you means transcending the ego mind and connecting with your True Self. Sandra and Daniel take you on this journey as their voices express nuances that go beyond the printed page. Listening activates your innate high frequency beingness as the PLATINUM energy is transmitted through them directly to you.

As Jack Canfield said, “It’s an inspiring adventure expressed in the authentic voice of contemporary spiritual masters…you will be empowered to manifest not only your heart’s desires, but to contribute to the awakening of all sentient life. You will, in essence, have the “secret password” to enlightenment.”

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Forgiveness Code –
The Playground

Quantum time travel with Sandra Biskind as she takes you on a journey into a child’s playground in the past. Use this unique opportunity to connect with your heart center and undo the karma from relationships that block living as the best version of you.

The Playground Visualization is presented in Chapter One: Peace in CODEBREAKER: Discover The Password To Unlock The Best Version Of You

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Integral parts of The PLATINUM Life System, using these 8 PLATINUM meditations, presented in CODEBREAKER: Discover The Password To Unlock The Best Version Of You, facilitates your experience of enlightenment and wholeness.

Neutralize negative emotional patterns locked in your cellular structure that do not support your overall health and wellbeing.

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Dimensions Of Bliss:
Music To Live By

The divinely inspired music in Dimensions Of Bliss Volume One and Two was created to attune you to the energy frequency of enlightenment.

Higher consciousness means improved relationships, greater success, better health, freedom from mind chatter, addictions, cravings and the sense of separation.

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Music by Kip Mazuy • Bliss Music, PO Box 121 011 • Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand


The CODEBREAKER PLATINUM MEDITATIONS for Transformation and Higher Levels of Awareness. Sandra and Daniel Biskind’s guided meditations unlock the code to your PLATINUM life – to the secrets of Healing, True Love, Success, and Happiness.


Get empowered to reach your goals through these 8 ACTIVATIONS via the CODEBREAKER PLATINUM MEDITATION Series. Listening to these guided visualizations everyday makes manifesting your greatest passions and desires into your life fast, fun and easy.
Using the CODEBREAKER PLATINUM ACTIVATIONS just made reaching your goals a whole lot easier.

With Activations to Living a PLATINUM Life, creating the life of your dreams is as easy as 1. 2. 3

  1. Download the Set – Change your Thoughts
  2. Regular Use – Change your Life
  3. Uplevel Your Energy – Change your World

Move into a meditative state without effort!
Experience powerful multi-sensory activations!
Center yourself when you’re feeling scattered!
Are You Ready To Live As The Best Version Of You?
The Entire Bundle is valued at $376, but you can download all 8 ACTIVATIONS now for only $197
Save an incredible $179

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