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PLATINUM Life System™

PLATINUM blends ancient mystical traditions with cutting edge discoveries in modern science to create a multi-dimensional, bio-available system to optimize happiness, success and wellbeing for your body, mind and soul.

Join us in cultivating a PLATINUM state of mind. Have fun living as the best version of you.

Embody the high frequency divine mind code and consistently express the love and perfection that you are.

With your new master password and high frequency codes, training your mind will be as entertaining as it is enlightening. Do you know the secret to enlightenment? Lighten up!

Remember. As Eckhart Tolle said, “Life isn’t as serious as the mind makes it out to be.”

You Were Born With An Ego Puppy –
It’s Your Job to Love and Train
Your Omnipresent pet

Your Ego Puppy is your ego mind. Ego Puppy training starts with training the master – that’s YOU!
CODEBREAKER presents a fun and effective mind training system that facilitates the evolution of the soul into the high frequency states of enlightenment and wholeness.