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     We are all spiritual beings with a physical form on a quest to become whole. With the right key, and mindset we can easily course-correct back to this overarching purpose. Ultimate transformation only happens when we’re fully present in both the physical world and the spiritual world.

Refresh Codes – 8 PLATINUM One Minute Meditations

Disrupt negative emotional molecules in your cellular structure that do not support your overall health and well-being in only 60 seconds or less!

True Self Codes – CODEBREAKER PLATINUM Mantras

Recalibrate neuronal pathways to enhance your ability to live in the divine high frequency aligned with your True Self.

Bliss Code Meditation – Activation

Begin a high frequency regeneration process for enhanced vitality and activate your energy centers (chakras) to experience the frequency codes of love and bliss your body, mind and soul feel when fully
aligned with your True Self.

Sandra & Daniel Biskind’s

Change Your Frequency

Change Your World

Global Challenge

What’s going to make the biggest difference in your life?


Aware or not, we all operate by codes! The good news is, you have the power to shift into high-frequency codes that serve and support you.

Are you ready to reprogram your codes for happiness, prosperity and success?

Join the 8 Day Facebook live CHANGE YOUR FREQUENCY CHANGE YOUR WORLD Global Challenge with Sandra and Daniel Nov 26th- Dec 4th and powerfully shift your frequency. Become part of a movement for massively shifting your own world while joining forces to amplify & uplevel the frequency of the entire planet.

Get ready to experience a life of infinite possibility.

Immerse yourself in CODEBREAKER and the Journal, participate in this global challenge and together let’s become the change that creates a world that works for everyone.

the Biskinds
Mission is
to Empower
People to Set
Themselves Free

Set yourself free! Discover the
“secret password” to enlightenment.

Become a codebreaker – the result
is freedom, like karma washing off
your body.

the Biskinds
Mission is
to Empower
People to Set
Themselves Free

Set yourself free! Discover the “secret password” to enlightenment.

Become a codebreaker – the result is freedom, like karma washing off your body.

PLATINUM Life System™

PLATINUM blends ancient mystical traditions with cutting edge discoveries in modern science to create a multi-dimensional, bio-available system to optimize happiness, success and well-being for your body, mind and soul.

Join us in cultivating a PLATINUM state of mind. Have fun living as the best version of you.

Embody the high-frequency divine mind code and consistently express the love and perfection that you are.

With your new master password and high-frequency codes, training your mind will be as entertaining as it is enlightening. Do you know the secret to enlightenment? Lighten up!

Remember. As Eckhart Tolle said, “Life isn’t as serious as the mind makes it out to be.”

You Were Born With An Ego Puppy –
It’s Your Job to Love and Train
Your Omnipresent pet

Your Ego Puppy is your ego mind. Ego Puppy training starts with training the master – that’s YOU!

CODEBREAKER presents a fun and effective mind training system that facilitates the evolution of the soul into the high frequency states of enlightenment and wholeness.


I’ve been aware of the importance of the mind body connection and experienced first hand what the mind can do to the body. But this book is like a fine art masterpiece in demonstrating the connection. CODEBREAKER speaks to each and every one of us personally and profoundly. The meditations were life changing and that new person is here to stay! You must not only read this book, but live it!


Bestselling author of Sex Happens and Gracie’s Gone

Sandra and Daniel’s approach to solving unsolvable problems is to address unconscious limiting beliefs in a fresh and utterly unique way. This system instantly shifts those unconscious programs and make the shifts sustainable. CODEBREAKER is spirituality made practical! It’s an inspiring adventure expressed in the authentic voice of contemporary spiritual masters.


America’s #1 Success Coach and Co-Creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

“As President of the Canfield training group and past president of Chicken Soup for the Soul I have published 230 books in my day and I’m telling you this book is awesome! They are the secret sauce to my success. If you feel stuck or scattered or you’re totally frustrated and you’re just not getting to the place you want to be – buy this book! It’s going to change the game completely.”


7X’s New York Times Best-selling Author and the Woman Behind the World’s First Billion Dollar Book Series